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Photo by Hartwig HKD. Yesterday we began a discussion about why deals are lost at the final stage of the hiring process—after an offer has been presented. The #1 culprit in the Ruby on Rails...
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Short Money Shortsightedness

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Photo by Ahmed Sinan Aside from the previously discussed culprit (time), disagreements over relatively small compensation issues are the biggest deal killers in the Ruby on Rails community. I can’t...
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Didn’t Get The Job? Here’s Why: Momentum

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Photo by billiardphotos. The Rails job market is as hot as ever, but that doesn’t mean Rails developers are offered every job they apply for. Oftentimes when a job offer doesn’t come through,...
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Does Your Job Title Matter?

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Photo by peterwooley. Are job titles important for Rails developers? Sometimes this question comes up, so we’ve been thinking about it lately. To start, here are a few of the titles for roles we’ve...
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5 Signs You're Ready For a New Rails Job

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Photo by Alex93vf. It’s easy to get stuck in a job that’s no longer the right fit for you. Maybe it was exciting at first, but that was years ago and the company has changed. Or maybe you have...
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Are You an Underpaid Rails Developer

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Photo by Zach Heller. It’s ok… you can admit it. Salary might not be THE most important thing when it comes to your Rails job, but it’s an important factor nonetheless. Developers often ask...
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Hacking Creative Office Solutions

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One of our most popular blog posts and Google ads goes something like this: if your phone is ringing at work, it isn’t us! The blog post is here, but the gist is that we have never (and will never)...
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Set Sail: Your Next Rails Job Awaits!

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Photo by tmaulle. "A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for." - William G. T. SheddWhen we get a new job in, we reach out to Rails developers we know who might be a good fit to...
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Endangered Species: The Unemployed Rails Developer

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Photo by Uthman. As pretty much every Rails developer in the San Francisco Bay Area knows, there are tons of job openings out there right now. Unemployed Rails developers basically don’t exist. ...
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Is Your Phone Ringing at Work? It Isn't Us.

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Photo by waywardcatphoto. Last week we were chatting with a developer who said, “Oh yeah, I think I remember talking to you guys. You called me at work a few months ago, right?” to which we...
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Don't Negotiate a Good Thing

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Photo by Ed Yourdon Our very first series of blog posts focused on why and how deals are lost at the offer stage. There are two main culprits - time and money. Oftentimes money is the culprit due...
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Relocating to SF: Now Is the Time

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Photo by Kevin Cole. If you don’t live in the Bay Area, you’re probably getting tired of hearing about all the activity going on in the SF Ruby on Rails market: new Rails shops launching, new jobs,...
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Things NOT to do in your Ruby on Rails Interview

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Photo by Jesse Wagstaff There’s a lot of general advice out there about what you should do in your job interview. Some of it’s good, some of it’s not so good. Some advice applies to all types of...
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Make Tough Decisions Early and Move On

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Photo by Michele Agius. Looking for a new job can be a lot like buying a car or buying a house: painful. I’m currently on the lookout for a new home, and it’s been reminding me of some good job...
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Time KILLS Animated Video

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We’ve hopped aboard the xtranormal train and made a mirRoR animated video for this week’s blog post! This video features a dialogue between a Ruby developer and a potential employer who has just...
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There's More to Life (and Your Job) Than RoR

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Photo by dragonflaiii. As you (likely) know, at mirRoR, all we do is Ruby on Rails. It is our life. We live it. Breathe it. Sleep it. Sometimes even dream it. But the truth is— there is more...
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How to Find the Right Rails Employer for You

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Photo by Bob Jagendorf. There is a lot of advice out there on how to interview for a job. It’s a lot of stuff you already know. Get there early. Stay calm. Do your research on the company. Show...
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The Best Time to Look for a Ruby on Rails Job

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Photo by Joelk75. Many of our blog posts are geared toward Ruby developers actively pursuing new RoR opportunities. But the truth is, most Ruby developers already have a Ruby gig they are fairly...
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Congratulations, you've got a job offer. Now what?

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Photo by Christian Mairitsch. After many rounds of interviewing, code tests, HR reviews and other painstaking job search activities, you’ve finally been made an official job offer. Congratulations! ...
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Equity 101

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Photo by John Lloyd A few months back we wrote a blog post on how to accept, reject or counter a Ruby on Rails job offer. At some point we mentioned that equity was an important piece of the puzzle...
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With Girlfriends & Employers: Make A Clean Break.

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Photo by Ed L. Last week we discussed three options when it comes to job offers: accepting, rejecting, or countering. We decided to leave one related topic out because it demands a post of its own:...
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Hello World! The Importance of First Impressions

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Photo by Francesco Sgroi. Coding the traditional “Hello World!” statement is the first direct impression we have of new programming languages. Amongst the team here at mirRoR, we remember...
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It's a small (Ruby on Rails) world, after all.

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Photo by Don Toye. As most everyone knows, the Ruby on Rails community is relatively small. The number of Rails developers (folks who are using the framework professionally more or less full-time)...
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We hate recruiters too.

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Photo by Aaron Jacobs. Many Rails developers and employers mention seeing mirRoR’s Google Ads. We’ve been using AdWords for years and have met some great Rails developers and employers through...
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