Photo by Ed Yourdon

Our very first series of blog posts focused on why and how deals are lost at the offer stage. There are two main culprits - time and money. Oftentimes money is the culprit due to negotiations that just can’t be settled between employer and developer. While we’re all for negotiating for the best compensation package possible, sometimes you become your own worst enemy.

That is, when you have a good offer, accept. Don’t risk negotiating and seeing the offer fall through. We’ve seen this happen multiple times and it’s painful for all parties involved. There is oftentimes more downside than upside to negotiating after you’ve already been offered a good package. Not only is there the possibility that the company simply can’t come up with that extra amount of money you’re requesting, but is this really the way you want to start off your relationship with your new employer?

Probably not.

You’re a good developer, maybe even a great developer, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t shoot yourself in the foot trying to negotiate your offer package. Using your recruiter here is key. Communicate to your recruiter what type of package you would accept (and what you wouldn’t). It is our job to communicate this to your potential employer and work to make that offer a reality for you.

Bottom line: When your gut tells you that you have a good offer, you have more to lose than gain if you try to negotiate a good thing. It may be human nature, but don’t let your imagination run wild about compensation packages that aren’t reality. Recognize a good thing, ask your recruiter’s advice (if needed) and go for it!