Photo by Uthman.

As pretty much every Rails developer in the San Francisco Bay Area knows, there are tons of job openings out there right now. Unemployed Rails developers basically don’t exist. (If you know one, uhm, let us know!) Rails developers are in high demand and low supply. If you’re a developer, this is of course a good situation to be in. We’ve seen the signs building for a while with increasing average salaries being a leading indicator.

If you’re a Rails developer in the Bay Area, you probably think, “I know I’m in high demand right now and I know I can basically have my pick of any Ruby on Rails job I’m qualified for. In that case, why would I work with a recruiter? What value could they possibly provide since I don’t need help finding job openings? I amsent three jobs per day from former colleagues and various other sources.”

This line of thinking might seem logical (and in some ways it is), but it leaves out an important value we bring to the table. This probably isn’t news to you, but Ruby on Rails is ALL we do at mirRoR. We ONLY talk to Ruby on Rails shops about Ruby on Rails job opportunities. Like you, we’ve got all the top Rails blogs in our RSS feed. We attend Ruby meetups and conferences from time to time. We truly have our finger on the pulse of the Ruby on Rails community - especially in San Francisco. And we love that.

What does all this mean to you? Well, although it’s clearly not challenging to find a Ruby on Rails job in the Bay Area right now, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to sort between them and find the best fit. Well, that’s where we come in.

Since we are so involved in the community (particularly as we’re working directly with the CTO, CEO, hiring manager and/or team at so many Rails shops in the Bay), we can help you identify that one job that’s best for you. Recruiters also have the added value of serving as a third-party advocate for your skills. We’re checking your code out ourselves and we oftentimes act as your first “reference” to clients curious about your actual technical skills and experience. Hiring managers (especially those who have hired through us before) take our recommendations and advice seriously, considering that’s what they pay us for. This means less need to toot your own horn; we’ve got you covered.

Here are your options as a Ruby on Rails developer in SF looking for a new Rails job:

  1. Email the jobs@ address for the last dozen job postings you’ve seen come across the SF Ruby Meetup list. See what happens.
  2. Email us and get the complete scoop on all Ruby on Rails jobs in the Bay Area. We have information on salaries, team structure and culture, what the company’s funding situation is, and much more.

It seems like option (2) would be a lot more efficient! And, we’ve found that it results in the best matches for developers and Rails shops alike. Finding the best match is in everyone’s best interest.

So why waste your time interviewing with half a dozen companies only to find out on the third interview that their salary range is way off, or their team is not a good fit for you, or their coding philosophy just doesn’t jive with yours?

We can tell you all that and more about dozens of companies in the Bay Area. We’re here to help. So don’t be afraid to shoot us an email or give us a call. If nothing else, we’re here as a sounding board and resource as your Ruby on Rails career progresses.