One of our most popular blog posts and Google ads goes something like this: if your phone is ringing at work, it isn’t us! The blog post is here, but the gist is that we have never (and will never) cold-call a developer at work. That’s kind of crazy considering many (most?) recruiters spend the bulk of their day cold-calling potential candidates.

Despite the fact that we don’t cold-call developers, we’re not shy! We hop on calls throughout the day (only after a developer has given permission or requested we give them a call, of course). The tricky thing about being on a phone call in an open office is that sometimes it’s not obvious to other folks that you’re on a call, especially when you’ve got headphones in. All too often, someone would walk over to Brian and start chatting only to stick their foot in their mouth when they realized he was in the middle of a call. Woops!

So, since we’re not just Rails recruiters but Rails developers too, we decided to code a creative solution. First, we bought a couple of those cool hue wireless LED light bulbs which allow you to control the color of the light emitted from the bulb. Then, Forrest quickly coded a Mac app which interfaces with the Skype API to determine when Brian (or anyone else in the mirRoR room) is on a call. If so, the light turns red, making it obvious to everyone else that Brian is on a call and not to interrupt. As soon as Brian hangs up, the light switches back to its normal white hue. Pretty cool, right? We think so!

Check out the video below to see the red mirRoR light, live in action (keep an eye on the light in the doorway), and give us a call anytime to turn our mirRoR light Ruby red! (415) 230-0617 or direct Skype: brian.mariani.

mirRoR Office Hacks: Red Light from Atlantis Technology on Vimeo.