We spend a lot of time building personal relationships with startups and developers. The better we know a developer, and the more we understand the projects startups are working on, the better job we can do finding the perfect fit for both parties. Frequently, we're talking Rails. Startups using Rails. Devs using Rails. Our own in-house dev team currently has more than 20 Rails projects in the works. Rails life is great! But more and more, we've also been talking a lot about iOS. Startups building iOS apps. Developers building iOS apps. Us building iOS apps.

Surprise! We develop iOS apps too.

Like many Rails dev shops, we've been building great web apps with Rails since just after its extraction from Basecamp. But we've been coding for iOS since the start as well. Our first app, TideApp, was available to the public just 40 days after Apple opened the App Store in 2008. We've typically got around 10 iOS apps in development at any given time. We expect this to continue to grow.

It's no secret that mobile is exploding–Apple sold an astonishing 74.5 million iPhones in the 4th quarter of 2014 alone, including the one-billionth iOS device. Nearly all of the startups we work with have a mobile presence, and some are mobile/iOS first. Former Apple foe IBM is developing some beautiful apps right now. iPads are revolutionizing education and medicine (we're currently developing a client's iPad app that will transform genomic cancer treatment), and perhaps keeping a few toddlers occupied in the back seats of minivans as well. We're only months away from the launch of the first Apple Watch, which Apple is billing as “it's most personal device ever.” That's saying something–because it's hard to imagine any device could be more personal than our much-loved iPhones.

We believe that devs who build apps for these incredibly personal devices deserve the personal attention only mirRoR provides.

We're now recruiting iOS developers.

We're building a bigger mirRoR, and we're starting with iOS.

In 2006, our experience helping a fellow developer find a new Rails job where he'd be able to make a huge impact inspired us to start mirRoR Placement. We were Rails devs, we knew lots of other Rails devs, and we knew the companies and industries that needed to employ Rails devs. We thought we'd do some matchmaking, with an eye towards helping devs find that one perfect job where they could help a startup reach its full potential. We picked the name "mirRoR" because we thought it represented the ideal fit between a developer and a job–when what the company needed and what the candidate offered were mirror images of one another.

Now, we're excited to bring our personal style of tech-savvy recruiting to iOS.

UGH, Recruiters!

We know, we know. When we recruit, we do it right. We've built a team dedicated to iOS and only iOS, so we provide exactly the same kind of iOS-aware and startup-literate service we've been giving to Rails since the start. Because we're developers too, we know how disruptive it can be to have the wrong developer on the team. That's the wrong kind of disruptive, and it's entirely preventable. Here's how we work differently:

We're transparent. If you're a developer interested in a job, you'll know the company and the location of the job. If you're looking for a key dev for your team, you'll see resumes with names on them. How else would you know if you are interested?

We care about fit. Sure, you've got skills. But will you thrive in the culture? Maybe your shop relies heavily on pair programming. You'll want a developer who loves it. TDD or BDD? The right person and spot and team culture is out there. We make sure you find it. We'll only share jobs or candidates with you once we've vetted them and believe them to be awesome possibilities for you.

We're all iOS, all the time. Our iOS team is knee deep in Objective-C and Swift, and we're dabbling with RubyMotion too. For a good time, we downloaded plans for and 3D printed an Apple Watch, which may or may not have involved translating the specs from chinese.

We're into you, whether or not you're looking. We want to talk not only when you are looking for a job or a developer, but also when you're in love with your current job or team. The better we know you, the better we'll be able to connect you to others when the time comes to make a change. Our foremost goal is always to find the perfect spot for a developer, and the perfect developer for a team.

Let's talk about iOS.

We've got iOS jobs. We've got iOS developers. We're connecting the dots and building teams. You've got a life and we won't call you, but if you want to talk iOS careers for any reason, you should talk to our iOS Chief, Luke. Email him here: luke@mirrorplacement.com, or give him a call at 415-230-0451. If you'd prefer, pop your contact info in the form below and we'll track you down.

It's an amazing time to be a maker. We know, because we're makers too. We love the apps we make, but the connections we make with devs and startups are what we're all about. Our personal touch will make the difference for you or your team. There are incredible new apps to build. Let's get started.