Photo by waywardcatphoto.

Last week we were chatting with a developer who said, “Oh yeah, I think I remember talking to you guys. You called me at work a few months ago, right?” to which we responded, “mirRoR, calling you at work? Absolutely not. If your phone is ringing at work… it isn’t us!”

Recruiters cold calling developers at work is one of the poor recruiting practices we simply don’t understand and never do.

Why would a developer want to speak to a recruiter about his next job while he is literally in the middle of working at his current job?

We know your boss and coworkers are hovering around your desk for much of the day. Even if they are sitting at their own desk, your conversation is still likely to be heard given the increasingly common open floor plans at most startups and dev shops.

In addition to the privacy issue, calling a developer at work is distracting and puts the developer in an uncomfortable position. Even if a developer is looking for her next job, if she’s a serious worker, she likely isn’t pursuing her job search while on her current company’s time. Why not? Because she’s working!!

That’s why if you’re getting calls from a recruiter at work, it’s not us. We respect your time, and your privacy, and prefer other methods of communication that allow you to get back to us when it’s convenient and appropriate.

We try to treat the developers we work with the way we’d like to be treated as developers — with respect and honesty. So if your phone is ringing at work, you can be sure: it isn’t us.