Photo by Zach Heller.

It’s ok… you can admit it. Salary might not be THE most important thing when it comes to your Rails job, but it’s an important factor nonetheless. Developers often ask us:

"Am I overpaid/underpaid for my job?"

"What’s the salary range like for my position in a different city?"

"Is my request for a raise unreasonable?"

If you’ve ever had any of these questions on your mind, we can help! But first, some good news: we’ve seen a recent increase in Rails developers’ salaries across the board (Junior through Senior level). With that said, we’d welcome your questions/inquiries about whether you’re being compensated appropriately.

We know it’s not ALL about the money for many (most?) Rails developers, but it’s certainly an important factor and we’d be happy to offer our industry insight. After all, matching Rails developers with Rails jobs is what we do! (And all we do.)

Working with a good recruiter during your job search can make a big difference when it comes to salary. Have you ever spent three weeks interviewing with a company you like only to get an offer at the end of the long interview process for 30% below your current salary? We know the salary range for all of the jobs we represent and can (and will) steer you clear of job openings that will not meet (or exceed) your salary expectations.

Job postings often list salary as “competitive.” But what does that really mean? It’s awkward (and potentially damaging) to bring up the salary conversation too early in the interview process. The good thing is, with your recruiter, you can be open and up front about salary expectations and we’ll make sure any position you’re interviewing for is in line with your goals.

Finally, once you get the offer, oftentimes some negotiation occurs. (And really, who enjoys that process?) Again, using a good recruiter comes in handy here. Let your recruiter do the negotiating for you. Better yet, give them the details of a package you would definitely accept and give them the power to accept on your behalf once those conditions are agreed upon.

Salary discussions can be uncomfortable. We recommend equipping yourself with some proper industry stats (which we’re happy to provide) and/or using the help of a good recruiter (we like to think we fall in that category!).

If you’re curious about the current market rate for your skill level, position, geographic location, etc. - shoot us an email! It’s NOT all about the money, but it’s silly to leave some on the table (or not know what was on the table in the first place).