We’ve hopped aboard the xtranormal train and made a mirRoR animated video for this week’s blog post! This video features a dialogue between a Ruby developer and a potential employer who has just made him a job offer. The ensuing conversation is one in which the characters speak (filter-free) about the timing of the developer’s acceptance (or rejection) of the offer. Instead of accepting immediately, the developer says he just can’t get over the urban legend to “never accept the first offer.”

The gist of this video echoes the point of one of our very first mirRoR blog posts: Time KILLS. Our point here is not that you should immediately accept a job offer without thoroughly evaluating it, but rather that the evaluation process should happen in parallel with the interview process. That way, by the time you are made an offer, you’re pretty close to knowing whether you’ll accept it, as long as it falls within the general paramaters of what has been discussed throughout the interview process.

Take your time evaluating the opportunity throughout the interview process, but know that once an offer has been made and you delay accepting (or rejecting), you’re sending all the wrong signals to your potential employer and risk the deal falling apart entirely.