Find the right
engineering talent
with less noise,
more magic.

Let me leverage the relationships
I’ve built to help you succeed!

You lead Technology,
Engineering, or Talent
and need to hire engineers!

  • You have exciting goals. Big plans and backers.
    You’re striving to make that dent in the universe!
  • You need talented engineers with specific
    capabilities and experience.
  • You want to run an efficient process and avoid
    spinning your wheels.
  • You want to build a team that strengthens your
    culture and will be together for the road ahead.

You connect with Mirror
and realize we're different.

We take the time to listen, research, and know your company.

  • What are you building?
  • What is your culture?
  • What traits are you looking for in an engineer? (and what traits should be avoided)

We get busy finding great engineers.

Our Secret?

We already know them. shh!

Our Secret?

We already know them. shh!

Thoughtfully considering your company’s needs, we select and pre-screen candidates with the qualities and qualifications you’re looking for.

We’re engineers, too, so we can vet them technically.

We challenge you to find a recruiter
with a higher hit rate!

You meet the
engineers you need.

We bring candidates to life, just for you.

  • Custom-written vignette about each candidate
  • Code test (if desired)
  • Resume

By the time you have your first interview, you’ll feel like you already know them.

You get back
to making that dent in the universe.

  • Great engineers, perfect for your company.
  • Less wheel-spinning.
  • Low turnover.

Unicorns. Rainbows!

Brian is by far the best recruiter I've worked with. When I met Brian it was as a job seeker, and he helped me find a position that met all my needs very quickly and with little fuss. The first company he introduced me to is the one I ended up working for. I've been at the same company now for over 5 years, moving from Senior Rails Engineer to Director of Engineering. As a manager I can say without hesitation that the best members of my team are the ones that have come through Brian and Mirror Placement, and we continue to count on him for top notch talent whenever we're hiring. Jim Edelstein
Brian kept me calm through a challenging interview process so I could come to see: he found me the tech, company, and people I have wanted to work with for many, many years. I love my new place! Tom Harrison
Brian helped me get a great position at a reputable, profitable company with a great engineering culture. He understood and took into account my skill set, career goals, and personal/family situation to find an organization that was a great fit for me. Among other things, what sets Brian's company apart is that they understand tech and business and aren't just trying to churn through engineers to place in positions. They take the time and effort to find a good mutual fit for the long term. I wholeheartedly recommend him and will use him if I ever need to again. Thanks Brian and Mirror! Matt Schwartz
Brian Mariani FOUNDER
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